Trained Dogs For Sale
by Lynne Brouard Loomis
AKC Male Labrador Retriever &
AKC Male Sheltie Available Now!

Have you ever wished for:

Companion Pet


Plays with other dogs


Obedience Trained

Raised with love and attention

What can be offered to you:

Customized lifestyle training

Levels to choose from

Breed selection

Bonding period

Follow up training

An enjoyable family pet

Dreaming of a family companion dog without the hassles of training one?

No time to attend obedience training classes?

Can't stand the thought of housebreaking a puppy?

Want your well behaved dog to accompany you out in public places?

Prefer that your dog be able to play with doggie friends in daycare while you work?

The answer is owning a pre-trained dog!

There are many options to choose from. Different training levels to suit your family or special needs. Breed selection assistance and temperment testing to match your lifestyle. Take the guess work out of owning the breed that you desire.

The difference in owning one of our pre-trained dogs is that they are socialized, have real world experiences, are adaptable and raised in a family home environment not a kennel.

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Details: Choose one of our available dogs, place a deposit on a puppy or request an adult dog. We assist in breed selection or can recommend a breeder for you to purchase from. There is flexibilty in your choices. Special order a dog that meets your specifications!

We recommend AKC registered dogs, are experienced with designer breeds, hypoallergenic breeds and also support second chance rescue dogs.

  • Each level of training includes housebreaking, crate training, proper car riding manners, socializing with other dogs, acceptance of children.

  • Additional training begins with basic obedience, walking comfortably on leash, doggie daycare approved, comfortable with grooming.

  • Intermediate level adds the AKC Canine Good Citizen award, public good manners, activities.

  • Advanced manners offers relaibility in real world distractions.

  • Advanced obedience offers off leash companion ready.

  • Add on special needs such as cats, handicaped, elderly, elevators, hiking, jogging, office companion or therapy dog by request.

FYI: All dogs come up to date on vaccinations, some dogs micro chipped and spayed or neutered depending upon what is age appropriate.

The average cost of a puppy (prior to training) that is purchased by us, ranges from $1500 to $4000 for an AKC registered pure bred. Designer breeds average around $2000 or more. A second chance rescue dog may have adoption fees that are approx. $500. We do not support puppy mills or purchase from pet stores. We only "rescue" those who need to be retrained or rehabilitated from an upleasant start in life.

Your Investment: Our fees are based on the cost of the dog, investment of vet expenses for vaccinations, preventative medications, spay or neuter, boarding (food) during the time they stay, grooming and your chosen level of training. You can expect to purchase your new pet for approx. $3,500.00 to $6,500.00 + up

Time Frame: Each dog is assessed individually and worked with to achieve your goals. We can only give an approximate time frame that will anticipate when your new pet will go home with you. Because each dog's motivation to learn may be different, an exact date is difficult to predict until training is underway. The age of the puppy when it is received and the level of training desired will determine how quickly they can be ready. Some dogs are ready in as little as 3 weeks or with more advanced and specialty training they will remain with us a few months longer. The average age is 3-6 months for a puppy or adult dogs may at times be ready and available.

Location: We do not ship dogs! Arrangements must be made to pick up or meet locally. Please call to discuss if you live outside of Fairfield County CT. A home visit is required in addition to checkable references. Dogs may not be purchased for someone other than applicant. We do respect privacy when requested, confidentiality and non disclosure can be arranged.

Lessons: During the bonding period you will attend a private lesson in Trumbull for continuity. All adult members of the family must attend this session. Additional at home lessons are available with fees based on location. Owner education is pivitol for success! A meet and greet for children can be prearranged as well as a first time dog owner safety lesson before your puppy comes home.

Please contact us for additional info or to set up a consultation.


Why purchase a second chance dog?

If you currently own a dog that you wish to be trained for you, a sleep away "boot camp" experience is recommended. Please contact: Pet Degree Dog Training Center located in Trumbull, CT

Call: (203) 268-BARK (2275) or Email:

Trumbull, CT 06611
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