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by Lynne Brouard Loomis

Lynne Brouard Loomis, Certified Trainer

As a Professional Dog Trainer, my goal is to have you and your dog experience life together in harmony. I am a Certified Trainer from The Connecticut K- 9 Education Center in Newington,where my focus was on learning behavior modification techniques that are dog-friendly ways to achieve the expected good behavior. I am a graduate of Becker College with my degree in Animal Care and I am a member of the respected Association for Pet Dog Trainers.

As an AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Evaluator I am very familiar recognizing a good family dog's personality. This experience helps a great deal when temperment testing and choosing a puppy that would make a well mannered pet.

In addition to obedience training and behavior modification, I also groom professionally which allows me to meet a large number of dogs and work with a wide variety of breeds. Combining these experiences, handling dogs and raising puppies has brought outstanding results that are complimented on a regular basis and desired by many dog owners.

All about the training:

The motivational method of training for people who have dogs as pets and companions uses teaching, practicing and proofing (testing with distractions). Creating a partnership and bond between dog and handler is reward based, by treat and praise along with lure and leash guidance.

Understanding canine behavior requires dog trainers to adapt specific approaches to particular dogs based on their experience and knowledge. You will find that good trainers occasionally use or combine different techniques based on what the dog’s individual needs are.

All training methods used are considered dog friendly, motivating, positive, effective, humane, firm, fun, punishment free, do not cause harm, with a goal in mind of having a well behaved dog. Each dog will be fully evaluated and their motivation to learn understood (quirks and all) during their training process so that information can be passed along to you.

Dogs are worked individually everyday during the training period, live in a family home stress free, experience real life situations, exercise & socialize with a group of dogs and attend obedience group classes. The purpose is to make them well rounded so they adapt easily to the transition into their new home.

During your initial training session, the methods used to train your dog will be explained and you will be shown specifically the best way to work your dog. You will be instructed how to communicate with your dog through verbal commands, hand signals and maintain attention with eye contact. The techniques instructed are simple and the entire family can apply them at home.

By making your training sessions fun for your dog, they are motivated to please you. This encourages a sucessful partnership between you and your dog.

Lynne began her training career at a very young age.


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